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Personal Page
Rod Neske

At the time I was aboard the USS William C. Miller, I worked in #2 engine room and #1 & #2 Motor rooms running the evaporators, making fresh water for the crew. It was very hot and noisy. My battle station was on the depthcharge racks.

Rod & Connie Neske
Sixty years later, my wife Connie and I are still having a great time.

A Short Bio.
I was discharged in '46, went back to Connecticut. Received a Mechanic's Diploma under the GI Bill and went to work as an Auto Body & Fender and Painter for six years. Changed jobs, went to work for Technicraft Laboratories for the next seven years. Moved to California with Connie and three kids and went to work for Ford Aeronutronics, in Newport Beach for 13yrs. Change jobs for the last time, to Tishman, a large industrial building contractor from whence I retired in '88.
It was fun all the way.

Rod & Connie Neske
Rod and Connie at 2005 reunion