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It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that Irene Sierp,
the wife of Charlie Sierp passed away on Friday January 8th 2010
She was a friend and a very active percipient in the ships annual reunions.
You will be missed Irene.

The 2008 USS Wm. C. Miller annual Reunion
was successfully held this year at the
Country Inn & Suites in Louisville, KY
Hosted by Dorothy Ciresi
Thank you Dorothy, we greatly appreciated your efforts.

Bob and Pauline Beyer polled available crew members,
on possible attendance to a 2009 reunion.

It seems there are not enough crew members able to
make the trip, to make a reunion this year economically feasible.

Bob and Pauline have volunteered to host the reunion next year
and will repeat the poll at that time.