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Personal Page of
Ramond Farley F1c

I came aboard the USS William C. Miller as a "Plank Owner" and member of the engine room crew, on 2 July 1943.   I was on the ship until the completion of the Marshal Islands operation in '44.   I came down with some type of jungle fever and was put aboard a hospital ship.   I went back to the States and went aboard a new ship. The USS Beaverhead AK 161 and we operated in the Philippines until the end of the war.

USS Beaverhead AK 161

Ray playing in the band
I play in a local band, it's a fun thing that I enjoy

Ray playing in the band
Earlier years
1956 on Labor Day at the Washington County Fair in Marietta Ohio.
I played with this band for 12 years, I am the guy sitting at the steel guitar on the right. The guy's in this band were born here in Marietta, OH same as I, they are still close friends of mine, the drummer is Charley Hess, bass player is Delmer Thomas, guitar player is Bob Poole, and the singer and leader of the band was Bob Reynolds. I have played with several other bands over the years, in decent clubs and some in knock down drag out places, I taught myself to play the pedal steel guitar, my guitar is a single neck has 10 strings, 3 floor pedals, and 5 knee levers.