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Personal Page of
Howard McPherson SM 3/c

Howard & Jacqueline McPherson
Howard and Jacqueline McPherson
on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Mac returned home from the Navy and went to work for the U.S. Naval Academy. After 28 years he retired from the engineering department. We moved to Colorado in 1972. We have lived in Denver, Colorado Springs and now in Palisade Colorado on the western slope of the Rockies a very beautiful and picturesque part of this country.
Note: Mac's anti-sub battle station was the depth charges, he was on duty there when we sank the sub.
(Well done Mac)

McPherson's good Buddies
A couple of my good buddies, Gunners Mate Dale McElhaney, Pharmacy mate Capps and right, Bruce Hargraves of the quad 40.
McPherson & Buddies

Howard (center) doing a little liberty with his buddies Downie and Pop