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I just wanted everyone to know how much my family appreciated all the cards, phone calls and prayers for Dad. He died peacefully and in a very nice setting at the VA Hospital. He was only there one week and passed much quicker than we had imagined he would. We thought we had a couple of weeks, at least. At any rate, it had to end and I am just so grateful he never got the horrible cancer pain many people said he might. It seems his heart took him but we donít know for sure.

My Dad had a beautiful funeral with military honors and he would have been so proud. I told the Navy officer that his Navy days were among his fondest memories. His friendships with all of you meant so much to him in his later years and he enjoyed the reunions every year.

I hope you all have a great time this year in Virginia. I know you will. I cried and cried when I opened the web site and saw Dadís picture. I knew it would be there but I was so glad it was a happy picture and the caption was wonderful.

Mom is doing well but today was her first really hard day. She is staying there by herself. She wonít come here as she has lots to do. I will be going back for the weekend. She has been really brave but misses him terribly. They would have been married 60 years on September 22.