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Lt. James F. Preston
1909 - 1995

A remembrance, by son Fred

Dad (1909-1995) was a young lawyer in Cleveland with two children (soon to be three) at the time of Pearl Harbor.   He joined the Navy in 1943. I don't know the date he was assigned to the Miller, but I do remember hearing about Ulithi, Sipan, Iwo Jima and Tokyo Bay.   He did mention a typhoon at sea and seeing the Franklin burn.   While he was away, my Mother and my brothers and I lived with my Grandfather in Flushing, MI.   One time I remember taking my Mother to the train in Durand, MI so she could travel to San Francisco to spend a few days with Dad while the Miller was being refitted at Mare Island to deal with the kamikazies.   I recall Dad coming to MI for Christmas, 1945, which would have been just after the Miller was decommissioned; and, just before he was released from active duty.  When Dad was released from active duty the first of 1946, he returned to his old job in Cleveland with Squire, Saunders & Dempsey, at which time, he was granted a partnership. He had a most accomplished career as a lawyer, including a term as president of the Ohio Bar Association in the mid 60s. When he retired from the firm at the manditory age of 70, he and I practiced together in Ashland for about 10 years. Dad died in 1995, leaving his widow, Suzie (Mother died in 1985), four children, eleven grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Jim in the late '70s on one of his annual fishing trips
for Atlantic salmon in Quebec (notice the old Navy togs,
they never wear out).