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Personal Page of
Haldor "Gus" Gustafson
Chief Motor Machinist Mate
1919 - 2006

Gus and Edith at Reunion in 1989
Gus and Edith at the USS William C. Miller Reunion in Louisville, KY 1989

By daughter Lorri Gustafson
Haldor Elvin Gustafson born March 7 1919 to Emil and Emma Gustafson. He was older brother to Wallace Lloyd Gustafson of Duluth, Minnesota. Gus dropped out of school to help support his family by washing bottles at Bridgeman’s Creamery, during the “Great Depression”.

Gus enlisted in the US Naval Reserve (USNR) January 3 1942 after leaving his job with Bridgeman’s as a truck driver. Gus went aboard the USS William C. Miller DE 259 at the time of the ships commissioning July 2 1943 as Fireman 1st class and due to his leadership and mechanical skills he was promoted regularly as a Motor Machinist Mate until he reached the rating of Chief Petty Officer. Gus was honorably discharged from the Navy as a Chief Motor Machinist Mate November 24 1945.

After leaving the service, Gus took correspondence courses to become a Refrigeration Mechanic and was hired by Franklin Creamery in Duluth Minnesota who kept him very busy until he retired in 1981, he was also a member of the Teamsters Union.

Gus married Edith Margaret Naslund July 12 1947 after they worked for a year to furnish their new life together. They loved to dance, bowl, entertain and generally have a good time. After fifteen years of trying and thinking they ought to give it up, Lorri was born on October 31 1962 (Happy Halloween).

After retiring in 1981 Gus began tracking down old shipmates and the “Reunions” were born. We all loved traveling and camping. Gus quit smoking in 1982, Edith passed away September 15 1992 and Gus on December 26 2006 at the age of 87.

Gus and Daughter Lorri
Gus and his daughter Lorri
note the ships Memorabilia hanging on the walls