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Lt. George Keywan
ASW Officer
Bronze Star recipient

George & V.J.
George and wife V.J. at friends Anniversary Party 1998

I separated from US Navy late September 1945. Eventually "retired" as LCDR, USNR. Divorced first wife and remarried (to "V.J." Lynes), an airline stewardess in 1952. Three terrific children, Jeff, Kim and Heather. Two wonderful grandsons, Chase and Brett, who live nearby. Business Career: highly successful Encyclopedia Americana salesman. Now retired in La Mesa, CA.

George Keywan 
and family
My Family
Daughter Heather, Son Jeff, Daughter Kim
Myself and beautiful wife V.J.

George Keywan 
and family
An earlier time, with my new daughter Heather

George Keywan 
and family
A litter time later, with my daughter Heather at her wedding

George Keywan
George at the 2004 Reunion 10/9/04

George & family
Georg, V.J. with Heather and Scott
at 2005 Reunion

George & Dick
George and Dick The Hot Rodders
of the 2005 reunion

Scott & Heather

The 2007 Ship's reunion is over.
It was hosted by Heather (Keywan) Brinkman
with the help of her husband Scott,
It was a great success and the crew
of the USS William C. Miller wish to thank them
with a well deserving Well Done

Lt. George Keywan
1918 - 2009

TAPS for Lt. George Keywan
Our shipmate has gone sailing on calmer seas.
You were all that an officer in the U.S. Navy should be.
you had the respect of the crew.
We will miss you George